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The Visitor

I’m a 21 years old freelance designer and CGI artist. I have secondary education on graphics as well as work in advertising agency. During this time, I have to known several people who have unsuccessfully tried to present their knowledge of 3D and VFX on their own websites with the domain of the second level. I therefore, decided to establish the visitor project.

The Visitor project will be in the output of the CGI series of short videos that will terminate the story of an alien race taking place outside of human reality. The primary purpose of this project will improve in the art, teamwork and gain visibility. Do you want to work on a unique project, and you think that it would contribute? Do not hesitate, CONTACT ME!

This short film gives you more questions than answers, so you can understand it correctly.

Active for 3 months, I created the first part of this sci-fi horror series. Individual scenes render overly continuously for three powerful computers. In the near future you can look forward to a short breakdown which shows the formation of this part of the procedure. This will include approach of 3D modelling, visual programming, animation, lighting, rendering, post-production but also the creation matte painting, logo or custom character set.

The Visitor

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The Visitor - Breakdown